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Is This the Year a Holiday Air Jordan 11 Release Sits?

Let’s be honest, Jordan Brand hasn’t exactly been on fire as far as their recent retros go.  Heskicks recently put out a vid on the Top 5 reasons he stopped buying Jordan Retros (CLICK HERE) and I agree with him [...]

June 30, 2017 pjeung Jordan Brand, Retro Jordans 0

Did Yeezy Jump over Jumpman? Not in 2016..

So did Yeezy Jump over Jumpman? I know, I am sick of that question too.  Bottom line? Yeezy has created so much hype, and help drive adidas sales in 2016 but shouldn’t be compared to the sales of a juggernaut [...]

March 22, 2017 heskicks Jordan Brand, Retro Jordans 0

Air Jordan 11 Low Navy / Gumsole Rumored for Summer 2016

The samples that Michael Jordan’s son posted a couple years ago are rumored to be releasing summer 2016, and these are pretty glorious.  I am certain they have these in Black and also Red with gum soles as well in [...]

April 2, 2016 heskicks Jordan Brand 0

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