Top 10 Car inspired Sneakers!

Top 10 Car inspired Sneakers! Here is a video I made talking about my top 10 car inspired Sneakers, below are the notes that I made for my video and hopefully you guys enjoy!



Inspired by not sponsored by:

adidas Porsche

Kswiss / APL & MClaren

Ferarri Puma

Lamborgini Mizuno


adidas The Kobe – Audi TT inspired 1999 Roadster was $32,000

Current price is around $8-10k

The Kobe Retailed at $125 in 2000 and had a total of 6 colorways release in this model.

A total of six original Kobe 1 colorways debuted during its initial run: sunshine yellow (2001 All-Star Game colorway), mesh, ice blue, black (debuted 11/3/00), white (debuted 12/15/00), and silver, at an original retail price point of $125.

in 2001 adidas launched the KobeTwo, but it was not something that resinated with fans or Kobe, who went back to wearing the Kobe for 3 championships in a row.

You can currently buy this model on adidas site under the new name The Crazy One (link in description)

Air Jordan XVII Aston Martin 2002 DB7 V12 GT Retail $100,000 Current Price $24,000 was produced from 1994-2004.

OG Air Jordan 17 (XVII) White College Blue Black released February 9th 2002 with the highest retail price for a pair of Air Jordans, $200 the first colorway came out in the washington wizards blue.

Air Jordan 17 came with a case, was very eye catching, had a shroud as well.

“the fine details from an Aston Martin, the smooth lines and flow of a jazz solo and the long Air Jordan history of innovations in style”

Nike Hyperdunk – Austin Martin Pack – he jumped over a car

Aston Martin DB9 Volante retailed near $200k in 2010, current price is at $55k.

DB9 was the successor to the DB7 model and was in production from 2004-2016. The Volante is the convertable version with an increased 470 hp.

The 2010 Kobe ‘Aston Martin Pack’ celebrates a viral Nike ad from two years earlier, in which Kobe Bryant appears to leap over an oncoming Aston Martin DB9 Volante. The two-piece pack comprises the Zoom Kobe V and Nike Hyperdunk, the latter worn by Kobe during the video clip. Both pairs are finished in metallic Anthracite hues with leather interiors for a luxurious touch.

SKU: 402638 001 Colorway: Anthracite/Black/Sail Release Date: 5/14/10

Retail on the pack was $300 for both pairs, Current Market price on the pack is around $5k

If you would have bought 40 pairs of these in 2023

Crazy to think, if you copped 10 of the Nike x Kobe Auston Martin Packs for $3000 in 2010, you could buy a used 2010 Aston Martin DB9 Volante from the Kobe vide, both valued around $50k 14yrs later. Kobe Pack $300 to $5000 per pack Aston Martin DB9 Volante $200k to $50k

Air Jordan 14 – Ferrari 550 Maranello Retail $213,000

Launched to the press at the Nürburgring in 1996, the 550 Maranello was Ferrari’s answer to those who believed the performance of a front-engined V12 car could not beat that of a mid-engined sports car. The successor to the F512M, the 550 Maranello proved quicker and, thanks to its better front-engined, rear drive packaging layout, far more practical.

Current market price on the Ferrarri Maranello is around $150k

The Air Jordan 14 was worn by Michael Jordan in his Last Shot as a Chicago Bull vs Utah Jazz in 1998.

Designed by Tinker Hatfield, they released in 1998 for $150

Ferarri themed from the iconic badge, midsole vents and sleek design

There are 14 total logos on the Air Jordan 14, 7 per shoe.

Air Jordan 6 – Porsche 964 Turbo $101,825 Turbo 3.6 Coupe 2D

Designed by Tinker Hatfield for $125 in 1991

Laden with elegant touches like a neoprene sleeve, a translucent rubber sole and visible air, Tinker Hatfield’s architectural instincts can be felt from sole to lace. Originally released in 1991 with 5 colourways, the Air Jordan 6 was released as a retro in 2000, 2002 and again in 2006.

The Porsche 964 is model of 911 released between 1989-1994

Retail was $60k from what I could see, but hard to pinpoint, if you know leave a comment, they had a bunch of variations though the years.

Was featured in the movie Bad Boys : “Can you f-ing believe my personal Porsche I put in Bad Boys 1 – I sold for $60k to a friend – today just sold at a car auction for $1,300,000!” asked Bad Boys director Michael Bay to his Instagram followers.

Currently, Hemmings has different 964 model years for sale, with prices ranging from $47,500 for a 1993 model to $399,000 for a 1991 model with 2,158 miles on the odometer.

Nike Dunk Delorean

Delorean 1981 Retail MSRP $25,000 Current Cost $60k.

Featured in Back To The Future Movies.

They also had a rare gold version.

Nike Dunk SE 6.0 inspired by the time-traveling DeLorean DMC-12 from the 1985 movie Back to the Future, the Nike 6.0 Dunk SE ‘DeLorean’ released on Black Friday in 2010. Executed with a no-sew matte silver upper as a tribute to car’s aerodynamic, stainless steel exterior, the low-top Dunk also gives the nod to the car’s iconic gull-wing doors on the design of the eyestay. Black lines on the heel represent the car’s rear window shades, while a tri-color outsole mimics the color-blocking of the DeLorean’s tail lights. A Belfast stamp on the tongue honors the Northern Irish factory that manufactured the original vehicle.

Some had special gull wing style box as well!

Retail was $130 I believe, I got them for $65!

Nike Dunk Current price around $1500

Nike Air Zoom Generation (LeBron 1 Hummer H2 2003 inspired) Retail $50,000

Current price – Around $15,000

Hummer H2 that LeBron James drove as a senior at Akron’s St. Vincent-St. Mary High School — the same one that earned him an investigation from the Ohio High School Athletic Association

Nike Air Zoom Generation was Lebron’s 1st signature model. Original Retail was $110 in 2003.

The hummer H2 inspiration is actually not intirely true:

Nike LeBron 11 Elite- Lamborghini Egoista from 2013, “Egoista” is Italian for “Selfish. $117 Million 1 of 1 car

In 2013, as part of their 50th anniversary celebration, Lamborghini revealed the Egoista, a car that is unique in many ways, not the least of which being that there is only one in existence. It’s built for a solo driver, with a center-steering wheel cockpit that rivals those of fighter jets

. Nike LeBron 11 Elite Was Inspired By The Lamborghini Egoista,-John Kim April&text=You’ve seen the shoe,hedonism taken to the extreme”.

The Nike Lebron 11 Elite retailed for $275 current market is around $400.

Lunarlon midsole with full length bottom loaded Zoom Air.

Nike Dunk SB Gulf and Pink Pig

This light blue Nike SB Dunk Low Club 58 Gulf adds to the Dunk SB range of race car-inspired sneakers. The Nike SB Dunk Low Club 58 Gulf features a Blue Chill suede upper, with black laces and a white leather Swoosh contrasting the silhouette. A patch with the number 58 is embroidered near the heel, and the same digits are repeated on the woven tag affixed to the stuffed mesh tongue. The design is finished with a two-tone sole: white with an orange outsole.

The Nike SB Dunk Low Club 58 Gulf was released in March 2021 and retailed for $100

Current price is around $450 on 58s, $250 for Pink Pigs

Porsche 917/20 Pink Pig

Porsche 917/20 takes a special place among the various 917 versions. It remains a unique one-off. Porsche engineers together with the French company SERA undertook the attempt to combine the advantages of the short and long tail 917. Its body was extremely wide and it had extremely rounded wheel cut-outs. As the track width remained unchanged, the wheels were hidden deeply in the wheel housings. The nose was equally low and flat like that of the new long-tail coupé, but shorter.

But the best part was the fanciful paintwork which let the 917/20 go down in Porsche history as the “Pink Pig”, “Big Berta” or even “Truffle Hunter”. Porsche designer Anatole Lapine decided in favour of the pink body colour and labelled each of the body parts according to the butcher-style cuts. Porsche caused a sensation at Le Mans 1971 with the Pink Pig. It was the fastest car during the pre-race qualification session, although it was totally untested. But during the main race, the 917/20 running in fifth position dropped out shortly before the end due to an accident.

WE CLUB 58 blazers from 2018 also used this logo.

Gracing the steel of a wide range of makes and models, including Porsche’s own 917, the McLaren F1 GTR, and Audi R8, among others, the Gulf livery got its start on the track in 1967. The Gulf Oil company colored a Ford GT40 in the now-signature powder blue hue with an orange center stripe and prominent circular number emblem, and in 1969, the car won the Le Mans competition.

“The ‘Gulf’ colorway, you could say that it’s a Ford GT40, because it was a famous Gulf livery car,” Pelletier says. “But, really, it was really kind of [a call] back to Porsche in the 917. The 917s had Gulf liveries too. It was one of those things where it wasn’t necessarily supposed to be marketed as Porsche, but really they were just great colorways that were exciting and different. With Nike SB, what we tried to do with the Dunks a lot was not play by any seasonal color palette, and come out with things that are sort of like little energy bursts. Something different [that] doesn’t look like anything in line from Nike SB and is sort of out there.”

Most of our iconic Gulf liveries come from our rich history in motorsport. From the Ford GT40 Le Mans victory in 1968 to the return of Gulf in Formula One with an innovative livery on the MCL35M race car at the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix, Gulf has been part of many monumental events in motorsport.


Themed After Custom Porsche 911 work from Magnus

His goal was to get 1 of every year 64-73. most difficult one was the 64 to obtain.

The graphics and color palette on Nike SB Dunk High Pro Ishod Wair x Magnus Walker pay homage to a German sports car made famous in designer Magnus Walker’s 2012 film “Urban Outlaw”. Red canvas and white leather make up the upper, while light blue Swooshes are prominent on the sides.

The Nike SB Dunk High Pro Ishod Wair x Magnus Walker released in June of 2021 and retailed for $120.

Retail was $120 current market price is around $400