3 Reasons You Should Try The adidas AE1!

3 Reasons You Should Try The adidas AE1 

Shop adidas X Anthony Edwards AE1 here https://bit.ly/3vq81Xn3

Here are 3 Reasons to Try:

1- Next Gen Talent Anthony Edwards will only get better.

He is a versatile scorer for a guard or small forward, but also rebounds well and is a defensive threat due to his athletic build. What does that have to do with his footwear?

It is the beginning of his brand, which is exciting to see starting now. Edwards said he wanted something that didnt look like anything on the market. The shoes were designed to be for edwards and the amount of force he puts into his sneakers, which out of all adidas athletes he has the most. So he is not likely to blow out in the seams of this model due to the design that contains his foot since it is wrapped from the bottom.

“I just wanna play in ‘em, show kids they could get my superpowers when they play in them,” Edwards says.

His launch of the sneaker was amazing as well, gifting staff and more the sneakers as well as the support of the twolves.

2- Price point at $120

Competitive price for the market. Ja 1 $120

Tatum 1 $120

Luka 2 $130

Sabrina 1 $130

Giannis Freak 5 $140

Zion 3 $140

KD16 $160

Zoom GT Cut 2 $170

Jordan 38 $175

Lebron 21 $200

UA Curry 11 $160

Harden 8 $160

Trey 3 $140

Dame $130

Don 5 $120

AE1 $120

Melo MB3 $125

Scoot 0 $100

That said his price is ready to compete with Gen Z and the Melo / Ant Man rivalry can continue since both came out of the same Rookie class of 2021

3- Unique design with purpose.

These have a polarizing look that definitely have an appeal to them on and off the court. Boost + Lightstrike midsole is nice underfoot

Edwards has said that he likes to wear his pairs for months at a time, likes them worn in, and with that said FOG Basketball, it would be rad to see an AE + FOG collab in the future/

With VanHook coming into adidas basketball from nike (who designed the Nike Yeezy 2) and

SIGNATURE SNEAKERS FROM ADIDAS BASKETBALL AND ANTHONY EDWARDS. Lace them up in the style of one of the game’s emerging superstars. These signature sneakers from adidas Basketball and Anthony Edwards are built for certified bucket getters. The combined BOOST and Lightstrike midsole is ultra-lightweight and adds outstanding energy return to their most explosive moves. A rubber outsole provides all the support they need to attack the hoop, while signature Anthony Edwards branding completes the look.