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The Nike Dunk Low x Crenshaw Skate Club released and I got my hands on a pair, so I wanted to break down a few of the details we might have missed!

Backstory: Tobias McIntosh started CSC ate 14yrs old in 2017. Crenshaw Skate Club was originally called Crenshaw Skate Posse, changed the name to club when they started making merch.

Hidden Details explained below:

1- “We are the ones that we have been waiting for” is on the back of the tongue throughout both shoes

2- Logo on back of heel is an outline on the Crenshaw Square sign

3- Colorway is a reference to the oxidation on the old Crenshaw Square sign Crenshaw Square sign. The one that’s currently up there is red and blue, but the original sign was white with red printing, but as the sign got older and oxidized, this green patina started to show on the edges. When I got the opportunity to design the shoe I wanted a landmark that represented me and have that be the reference.

4- Patina effect on the upper, removable later.

5- “90008” which is our zip code is on the bottom of the insole

6- CSC on the outsoles combined, Creshaw Skate Club logo, which are building blocks “That’s a reference to a daycare near my house that had different kids on these ABC blocks. I wanted to change the idea and the reference resonates with me because it talks about building a brand and building CSC in general”

7 Reason for Extra Laces and Insoles: . I wanted to include a bunch of extra laces and insoles so that it holistically feels like a cohesive product because I know what it’s like to save up to get a pair of shoes and how hard that can be for people who grew up like me. I want you to get a product with a lot of thought and details so you feel good about it.

There are also a lot of details that are super hidden. I’m waiting for people to find them and post them. You actually have to skate the shoe to figure them out—that’s all I’m saying


CSC x NIKE SB DUNK LOW AUGUST 1, 2023 A show of unity and a signifier for his crew, at 14 years old, Tobias McIntosh turned impulse into action with a simple t-shirt. Love for his neighborhood being the focal point and a desire to represent the culture that inspired him to push, Tobey founded Crenshaw Skate Club on an intent of diversity, visibility, and inspiration. Along with creating a global brand and community, Tobey’s vision continues to evolve and his first collaboration with Nike SB draws from the history, colors, and iconography where it all began.

The CSC X Nike SB Dunk Low builds on the DNA of the neighborhood’s most recognizable sign the Crenshaw Square, distinct color hues and patinaed element incorporating a unique pattern rendered in crackled leather overlays that provide a foundation to his neighborhood homage. Featuring a translucent outsole and sail midsole, the Crenshaw Skate Club Dunk is packed with thoughtful details and illustrations that call back to Tobey’s youth, from the daycare-inspired cartoon illustrations to inspiring reminders stitched below the tongue. Along with multiple lace options and two separate custom insoles to switch out, more details and pieces of Tobey’s story get revealed through the skate-away material and strategic Easter eggs hidden throughout the design.

This collaboration marks Tobey McIntosh becoming Nike SB’s youngest collaborator in its history.

Available globally at select skate shops and on on August 5th.

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