Nike Invincible Run 3 Review: Pros and Cons

Nike has done it again with their latest addition to the running shoe line, the Nike Invincible Run 3. This shoe is designed to provide runners with the perfect combination of comfort, support, and durability. Whether you are a seasoned runner or just starting out, the Nike Invincible Run 3 is the perfect shoe for your next run.

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A Plush and Responsive Ride

The Nike Invincible Run 3 is designed to provide a plush and responsive ride, thanks to its ZoomX foam technology. This foam is designed to provide a soft and cushioned feel, while also providing a responsive feel that allows you to push off the ground with ease. The foam is also durable, meaning that it will last for many runs to come.

A Supportive Fit

One of the standout features of the Nike Invincible Run 3 is its supportive fit. The shoe is designed with a Flywire technology that wraps around the foot, providing a secure and comfortable fit. This technology also helps to reduce the overall weight of the shoe, making it feel lighter on your feet. Additionally, the shoe has a wider base that provides added stability, particularly when running on uneven terrain.

A Durable Design

The Nike Invincible Run 3 is designed to last, thanks to its durable design. The shoe is made with a rubber outsole that provides excellent traction, even on wet surfaces. Additionally, the upper is made with a breathable material that helps to keep your feet cool and dry, even on hot and humid days.


The Nike Invincible Run 3 is the perfect shoe for runners who value comfort, support, and durability. With its plush and responsive ride, supportive fit, and durable design, this shoe is sure to become a go-to for many runners. Whether you are training for a marathon or just going for a leisurely jog, the Nike Invincible Run 3 is a shoe you can rely on.


  • The Nike Invincible Run 3 is designed with a lightweight and breathable upper that provides excellent ventilation for the feet during runs.
  • The shoe features a wide platform that offers a stable base for runners, reducing the risks of injuries.
  • The Nike ZoomX foam technology used in the shoe’s midsole provides a soft, responsive, and comfortable ride, making it ideal for long-distance runs.
  • The outsole has a durable and sturdy design that provides excellent traction and grip on various surfaces.
  • The shoe’s design is stylish and appealing, making it a great choice for both running and casual wear.


  • The Nike Invincible Run 3 is relatively expensive compared to other running shoes in its category.
  • Some runners may find the shoe’s cushioning too soft, leading to a lack of support and stability during runs.
  • The shoe’s sizing may be inconsistent, with some runners reporting that it runs small or large.
  • The shoe’s design may not be suitable for runners with wide feet, leading to discomfort and blisters.
  • The shoe’s upper material is not water-resistant, making it unsuitable for running in wet conditions.