They are UGLY, they look like Jesus sandals. WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE BIRKENSTOCK SANDALS? Well the answer dates back a long time.  These have the legendary two-strap design from BIRKENSTOCK. The signature comfort of the BIRKENSTOCK footbed is what makes these special. I wanted to see what the buzz was about so I got a pair myself!

In 1896 the master cobbler Conrad Birkenstock began manufacturing and selling flexible footbed insoles and then in 1925 the blue footbed is among the products manufactured at a newly opened facility in freiburg germany and it was the very first footbed like it kind of created and then in 1932 Carl launched a Birkenstock training course and the Carl Birkenstock system and it Is endorsed by leading physician and podiatrists.


Well this is where things get interesting. Are Birkenstocks comfortable? Yes and No. I say they are dated and obviously we have comfortable sneakers by Nike, Adidas, and New Balance that I truely love, so for me these things are uncomfortable bricks. HOWEVER, my wife has 4 pairs of these, and wears them for years on end, and she (along with many others LOVE them). The firm footbed breaks in and becomes more comfortable because of the footbed compound that actually molds to your feet overtime.

The structure of the midsole says it has the first layer is jute and it is the layer of jute that forms the foundation of the footbed it stabilizes the natural cork and latex the second layer is cork and latex the cork and latex footbed is the heart of all birkenstock shoes. They have a second layer of jute which is placed around the sides of the footbed and then it does have a suede lining that is the four Layers of the midsole. It’s crazy to me we’re here in 2022 talking about a technology that was created back in like the 1800s.

It’s pretty wild but tried and true something that i think people really enjoy and appreciate and although i haven’t had a chance to enjoy mine because mine is extremely firm and not really good on feed and i’m not going to be able to to break them in the way that i properly need to i do respect what they’ve created. Full vide breakdown below!

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