MUCH BETTER Than Expected! Brooks Glycerin 20 Stealthfit GTS Review + On Feet

After trying Brooks Glycerin 18 I was pretty much done with the model, until I heard about the updated DNA Loft V3 showing up in this new model.  I had to try them and I have to say, don’t judge a book by it’s cover! These were so good, lots to love about them, and I posted a full review vide on youtube below.

5 Things I like

  • Nitrogen infused DNA Loft V3 is the real deal for comfort
  • Upper better than expected, stretch
  • Comfy with ankle socks
  • Wide base on heel is nice
  • 4 versions of model makes good options for people

Things I would change (if any)

  • 4 versions might be confusing. Stealth Fit or regular, GTS or Regular.
  • Colorways

Final Thoughts

Much better than expected, much better than 18/19 versions. DNA Loft v3 is very good. Top 10 comfort sneaker for this year!

Buy Brooks Glycerin 20 Stealthfit GTS here