Destroying These Jimmy Fallon x MSCHF Gobstomper Sneakers

All right i think i got probably one of the most fun pair of sneakers of the year in this box right here really crazy concept and a fun execution this is from mischief and jimmy fallon. Jimmy fallon making a sneaker i think that’s awesome but the creativity of what they offered here isis pretty much next level. So mischief 009 gobstomper off white red yellow blue is the colors and then check out the logo gobstopper obviously this is a fun fanciful play on something that we know as the everlasting gobstopper and the fun thing is it comes with a poster first of all and here check this out there’s jimmy right there i love that he’s like doing a skateboard thing falling on his face and then it shows step one two and three and then on the flip side it says scuff me and then you could see the transition of what happens here so you have the regular shoe and then if you scuff it up it actually reveals different layers of the sneaker which is why this is such a fun conceptual product that they actually brought to life.

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So here it is a look at the shoes kind of a crazy looking skate shoe they got the fat tongue right for sure the shape i would say i would almost say it looks like a nike dunk shape just if the silhouette was just all black and nothing else and not obviously the panels or anything like that so i like that they went as far as i can tell in a completely unique direction with the layering of what they created. They have an extra set of laces in brown and that’s the same color kind of as like the little mud guard or whatever in the front one thing that i like about the shoe just straight out the box is you could look at it and you could see three four different layers of color underneath so you can see different panels that have different layers also something else that i really like about this that takes it to the next level is the midsole is actually rub off as well so you have four layers of rubber for that midsole that can actually come off and expose different layers just like a jawbreaker does so i thought that that was a really fun concept and jimmy fallon creating this with mischief just solidifies their place in the mischief sneakers space that they are creating just really crazy off-the-wall stuff

We saw the tyga collab i did a review on already with the wavy babies we obviously saw the lil nas x ones the 666 shoes which not too many people were excited about but this one is my absolute favorite collaboration from mischief i’m kind of like a fan of candy i don’t know i’m i it’s like if i’m gonna go to the movie theater i’d rather buy candy than popcorn i’m that guy but on the inside it does say mischief and then jimmy fallon right here and then it does have the three exclamation points on the top it has a mischief foot right here on the back of the shoe and also on the back right here i love the way that they put the logo here in all four layers not a bad looking model either considering it’s kind of a chunky skate shoe and obviously four layers of material.

It’s like wearing four different t-shirts over top of each other it looks a little bit chunkier because of that but i dig it and i do like that they actually used all four layers on the bottom not just the two so it’s kind of small to see but you can see the white and the red and then the yellow and the blues so nice that they did that but i really wanted to see what they look like destroyed so i went ahead and did that for you guys on release day so if you guys like the video please drop a like subscribe if you guys like the sneaker content basically i decided to take a dremel and just kind of rub it over the layers and see if i can remove the top layer and so on for the upper it worked it just you have to push down pretty hard on it and it would just rip off the layers so i was just kind of having fun shedding through the different layers of the upper to remove each of the panels then reveal certain colors and stuff that we can see the midsole was the craziest part though because of the four layers of rubber when you’re spinning up a dremel really fast it obviously gets crazy hot and it actually melts the rubber when i’m spinning it and so there’s a little bit of melted rubber here and there i have to pick off but here is the final result it looks like these things went through heck and back and part of the reason why i did it again like this is just because i wanted to do little reveals in different sections of the different materials to see what they did and just really test the integrity of the sneaker by being able to remove those layers and will it just completely fall apart if you do so and i got to tell you guys i’m really impressed with the design of what they did to be able to make this even happen so it doesn’t just literally fall apart

If you look through the side panel of the shoe it has kind of like a mountain peak in kind of a clear sort of material and i was like why is that clear on the side it looks like fused material and i believe what that is is a floating side panel right here that actually just sticks to that and it’s not actually functional where it’s a sewn on layer you have a like cut and so upper on most sneakers and the panels are there for reasons if you remove one of the panels part of the shoes are going to fall apart but i think that they put false panels in here to just actually have them knocked down and then everything is actually still functional so i think the design the way they did it is actually pretty cool i show these in my kitties like those look terrible man and i mean i don’t love the results because it’s so hodgepodgy but it’s really hard to dremel to be honest and i was trying to hurry while my daughter was sleeping so i’ll throw that out there as well because i was really wanting to see what they look like and i couldn’t wait and i’m still kind of picking apart some of the midsole and getting some of the rubber off because i have it on clumps and and whatnot but it was pretty fun to be able to just skim around and and see what is underneath and reveal the different layers and i gotta say i really like the concept of what they ended up creating and they did a a bang-up job i love the the miss logo on the back is probably one of my favorite details but the insole itself is like the different layers of a gobstopper as well on the inside of the foot as well as on the outside so i really like that and the fact that they had something that they created that’s like at least from my opinion maybe i’m totally off base but it looks completely original and then they did their own original twist on it it’s like it’s hard to reinvent stuff in the sneaker space through the years and and like this is something that was totally off the top and i’ve never thought of multiple removable layers on a pair of sneakers before especially the way that they did it in this where it was themed in such a perfect way i mean i’m blown away by it i think it’s one of the coolest most innovative sneaker collabs i’ve seen if you guys agree or disagree please drop a comment and let me know what you guys think.

I know the reveal job isn’t the best that i did here but i tried and honestly with no instructions i tried with my dremel just to see what was going on and it’s kind of fun to give a go i’m sure we’re going to see some people get really creative and do some really cool things with it and they’ll be a lot more meticulous instead of just shredding it like i did but i had fun with it nonetheless and i’m really stoked that that this collaboration even exists. kudos to jimmy fallon kudos to miss you for for doing this and shout out to MSCHFactually for sending this pair over i appreciate them for reaching out and being like we got something we’re gonna send you and this is it man really fun but that is the video hopefully you guys enjoyed and i know again you might not like the way i um distressed it but it’s all good but i’m curious to see what you guys think about the concept the idea the look of the shoes also for sizing i got a size 10 normally on a 9.5 they do fit a little bit big for me to be honest so if you have the option go true to size and true to size man i love what they did really really fun and again one of the the wow factors of the year so far at least in my opinion appreciate you all for stopping by and watching again if you guys are new the channel hit that subscribe button and these ones are dropping on the 28th i think on mischief app and i’ll link it in the description but anyway thank you again for watching hopefully we’ll see you back on the channel for some more videos.

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