Nike Kyrie 3 Debut, Release Date Official

So the leaked images were true, they were in fact the Kyrie 3.  The Nike Basketball Kyrie 3 will release next week, right after Christmas. The Black Ice colorway makes the debut, but I expect us to see some options on also following. What are your thoughts on the new Kyrie 3 model?  It reminds me of the KD4 that had the strap, then they removed it on the KD5, the Kyrie 2 had the strap, and the Kyrie 3 it was removed. Another slight bump in the price, I think this will be a nice entry level basketball sneaker.  Real question is, when will we see a Lebron 14?

The KYRIE 3 blk ice colorway is available globally beginning December 26 for a suggested retail price of $120.

16-400_nike_kyrie_3_airbag-01_64857 16-400_nike_kyrie_3_box-01_64856 16-400_nike_kyrie_3_footbed-01_64852 16-400_nike_kyrie_3_forefoot-01_64855 16-400_nike_kyrie_3_side_texture-01_64850 16-400_nike_kyrie_3_sole-01_64851 16-400_nike_kyrie_hero_pair-01_64853 16-400_nike_kyrie_hero_single-01_64849 16-400_nike_kyrie_tongue-01_64854 kyrie3_tech_sheet_3_64862

Some quotes about the sneakers from Nike:

It’s a different lace form that allows you to keep your forefoot down and stay locked in. The team at Nike shows me pictures of me on court and my foot is at an unbelievable angle.  I’m crossing over somebody and my body angle and positioning is so abnormal, even when I look at it. I’m kind of amazed, because I’m thinking, all I did was a simple cross over here, but my foot is dang near touching the ground horizontally. I want to have technology in this shoe that is fit for those moments. The shoe is lightweight, comfortable and always keeps me locked down.


The traction pods are unbelievable. How responsive they are on the floor. Starting and stopping and going and picking up from behind-the-back crossover, and you start and stop on a dime while your defenders shoes are still going forward. That can be the biggest difference. This game is separated by very finite moments where you have to get your shot off. My shoe speaks to that. Being able to stop on a dime and cross over and go another direction, I can’t wait for players to try it.


JBY, just be you is the motto I live by every single day because I’m happy to be an individual. I celebrate it. I think that everyone should celebrate their individuality. In our culture today, everyone is always wanting to put the other person down for trying something different, or trying something new. As for me, I want it to be celebrated. It’s a beautiful thing.

Hungry and humble is something my Dad gave me as a kid that I most likely will give to my daughter, whether she plays sports or not. It’s always staying hungry for more and never being satisfied. Acknowledging the present moment, what you’ve accomplished, and then thinking about what’s up ahead and how you’ll prepare yourself for that. Then of course the humility part. It’s supposed to go unnoticed, your humility. You’re supposed to be humble, you’re supposed to show respect to other human beings, to anyone. You respect other people’s journeys, and also you respect your own.