Sit or Sell 11/5/16 (Interactive Polls For Readers Inside)


What is going on CK family!? We have another interesting lineup of sneakers releasing this weekend, especially the Nike SF Air Force 1s.  Those are definitely unique and I think they are a real coin toss as far as if they will Sit or Sell.  Let’s go ahead and check out this weekend’s releases shall we?


Air Jordan 1 “Black Toe” ($160)


CK Readers (20-7-1):

[poll id=”161″]


sismiley07/Jennizerr (21-7): SELL.


Heskicks (21-7): SELL.


pjeung (22-6): It seems like they made a lot of these, but some people prefer these over Bred 1s so they are as good as gone.  SELL.


misterHYPE (19-9): SELL. Please, please, please, please….. Just one pair, all I’m asking for….


Kicksreason (14-12): SELL.


tina_weenie (22-6): SELL.



Air Jordan 16 Trophy Room “French Blue” ($275, limited to 5000) 


CK Readers (20-7-1):

[poll id=”162″]


sismiley07/Jennizerr (21-7): SELL.


Heskicks (21-7): SELL.


pjeung (22-6): I was going to say sit, but the fact that they are limited to 5000, and more importantly they are numbered on the back of the tongue?  Yeah, hypebeasts will be thirsty for that. SELL.


misterHYPE (19-9): SELL. Because, well, 5000 pairs.


Kicksreason (14-12): The XVl’s are cool and all, but $300 after taxes, I don’t think a lot of people will jump on it, SIT.


tina_weenie (22-6):  Limited? Sell! Can never see a limited Jordan release sit, SELL.



Air Jordan 31/XXXI “Chicago” ($185)


CK Readers (20-7-1):

[poll id=”163″]


sismiley07/Jennizerr (21-7): SELL.


Heskicks (21-7): SIT.


pjeung (22-6): I think if the colorblocking was better, they had a chance… just way too much red for my liking.  I know JB can pull a fast one with a fake sellout, but I’m going with SIT on this one.


misterHYPE (19-9): SELL. Bred 31’s were almost 31 times better, but still…. They’ve got a vice grip on stock for the 31s….


Kicksreason (14-12): The 31 has no chance, SIT.


tina_weenie (22-6):  SIT, you can still pick up the Banned’s and Shattered Backboards.



Nike SF Air Force 1 ($185 Women’s, $200 Men’s) *only 1 colorway needs to Sell to count as a Sell*


CK Readers (20-7-1):

[poll id=”164″]


sismiley07/Jennizerr (21-7): SIT.


Heskicks (21-7): SIT.


pjeung (22-6): Not my style, and I know I can’t pull it off, but there will be people who can and people who think they can lol.  It’s unique enough to wear  I think at least one if not all of them will sellout.  SELL.


misterHYPE (19-9): SELL. It’s going to be limited, and if people loved those Acronym joints….


Kicksreason (14-12):  Those AF1’s are just horrible, so no, they will sit.


tina_weenie (22-6): SELL, especially those olive joints.



Black Toe & 31s Image via Sole Collector,  Trophy Room 16s via UptownSoleNYC, Nike SF Air Force 1s via Nikeblog