New Nike Kobe AD Sneaker Unveiled, is it the Kobe 12 Though?

The question was on the table immediately once Kobe announced his retirment, will Nike continue releasing the Nike Basketball signature line for Kobe?  The answer is yes, in the form of an “AD” model, however we don’t know this is meant to replace what would have been known as the Kobe 12 or not.

Jordan Brand did something similar once they hit the Air Jordan XX3 model, the XX4 was not exsistent since they continured the branding with the “2009” and “2010” approach until we hit the Jordan XX8.  Confused yet?  You are not alone.

I hope they continue the Kobe signature line business as usual, and not confuse the market by other off shoots.  We already have seen the Kobe Icon, and Vemomenon, but in my opinion, we prefer to see the flagship branding on the sneakers so we know that is what we are getting.

On the positive, these look dope, the heel cup makes the sneaker!

Your thoughts?  Nike Kobe A.D., with a suggested retail price of $160, releases November 21 2016

nike-kobe-ab-02 nike-kobe-ad-12-xii nike-kobe-ad-2016



via Jacques Slade on Twitter