Sit or Sell 9/3/16 (Interactive Polls For Readers Inside)

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What is going on CK Fam!? It’s everybody’s favorite time of the week again, Sit or Sell!  Unless you were living under a rock, the Banned 1s are releasing this Saturday.  While that particular release might be easy to predict, I have a feeling the other 3 won’t be as obvious.  I made the Jordan 1 “Banned” a LITTLE harder to predict by saying they have to sellout at Nike, Footlocker, Eastbay, Champs, Footaction, and Finishline to count as a SELL.

We could be crowning our first Sit or Sell Champion this week with Jennizerr/sismiley07 closing in quick on 100 correct predictions!  Heskicks was actually right there, but a lackluster past couple of weeks has dwindled his chances of taking the crown.  We won’t even talk about misterHYPE and his collapse due to heavily underestimating the adidas NMD. Shame on you Jon lol.

Without further ado, let’s go ahead on get to this weekend’s releases! Oh and before I forget, I hope everybody has a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend!


Air Jordan 1 “Banned” ($160, must sellout at Nike, Footlocker, Eastbay, Champs, Footaction, & Finishline to count as a SELL) 



CK Readers (92-24-1):

[poll id=”123″]


Heskicks (94-24): SELL.


Kicksreason (78-37): SELL for sure!


Jennizerr (96-22): Sell, Sell, SELL!


misterHYPE (80-37): SELL. THE MOMENT OF TRUTH IS UPON US! Seriously tho, it has to sell out…. Right?


tina_weenie (78-35): Air Jordan 1 Banned will obviously sell, it’ll take a miracle for them to sit. SELL.


pjeung (89-28): Even though I wrote a hypothetical piece on these sitting, there is no way these sit, it’s impossible.  SELL.



Air Jordan 31/XXI “Banned” ($185)



CK Readers (92-24-1):

[poll id=”124″]


Heskicks (94-24): SELL.


Kicksreason (78-37): SIT, these will collect dust indefinitely!


Jennizerr (96-22): They don’t look too bad, but sit.


misterHYPE (80-37): SELL. Super limited, and the inspiration and details are undeniable. Plus, it matches most of everyone’s basketball gear….


tina_weenie (78-35): These will SIT.


pjeung (89-28): Tough one in my opinion.  The 31s have been more well received than I thought they would be.  Even then, I just can’t see people paying $185 for these.  I mean I might, but everybody else? Nah, it’ll sell well, but not sellout.  SIT.



Concepts x adidas EQT Ultra Boost “Black” ($170)



CK Readers (92-24-1):

[poll id=”125″]


Heskicks (94-24): SELL.


Kicksreason (78-37): SIT, no chance they will sellout.


Jennizerr (96-22): SELL.


misterHYPE (80-37): SIT. No doubt, it’s a dope concept, but the Bred 1 is dominating this weekend…


tina_weenie (78-35): SELL.


pjeung (89-28): A little on the plain side if you ask me, especially for a collab.  This one will sell eventually, but not until after the weekend so SIT.


Concepts x adidas EQT Ultra Boost “Sage” ($170)



CK Readers (92-24-1):

[poll id=”126″]


Heskicks (94-24): SELL.


Kicksreason (78-37): SIT.  No chance these will sellout.


Jennizerr (96-22): SELL.


misterHYPE (80-37): SIT. I think there’s a better chance these sell, if it wasn’t the weekend the Bred 1’s were dropping…


tina_weenie (78-35): SELL.


pjeung (89-28): This looks like a Jenniizerr approved colorway.  Plus, it’s a Concepts collab, so this one will SELL.


*Jordan Banned 1 and 31 images via Sole Collector, Concepts x adidas EQT Ultra Boosts via Footwear News