Stay Fresh With Adsum NYC & Diadora This Summer!

I personally feel like summer is the hardest season to dress for.  It’s really easy to layer in the fall and winter cap it off by throwing on a hoodie or jacket with some jeans and you are essentially good to go.  The summer is hot, so it’s hard to go away from t-shirts and shorts without becoming a sweaty mess!

This is where Adsum NYC and Diadora come in.  This summer, both brands are bringing it!  Below are some options and images both brands have suggested for this summer, and it doesn’t take a fashion police expert to realize the two brands mesh together very well.  Adsum clothing is a little on the pricier side, but they make great looking apparel with A1 quality and craftsmanship.  If these styles fit your style, definitely take some time and check out the options below!

Adsum Spring/Summer Collection 2016

Men’s Diadora Shoes

Women’s Diadora Shoes