The Black Mamba Pack Rollout Begins on March 22nd

Nike strikes quick and fast with the release of the Mamba Pack, beginning with the Huarache 2K4 on March 22nd.


Heidi Burgett, Nike’s Public Relations Director, released an image of the entire Black Mamba pack, starting with the Huarache 2K4, and will continue along the Kobe signature line, with a quick detour to the Nike Hyperdunk between the Kobe 3 and 4. The pack features monochromatic sneakers that start with an all-white Huarache 2K4, goes into varying shades of grey, dark blue for the Kobe 7, dark purple for the kobe 8, and then into black for the final three silhouettes.

No Kobe collection is complete without details, and this collection’s release will be no different. The packaging for each model will contain a different GPS coordinate, which will map Kobe’s journey to greatness.


Look for the Nike Huarache 2K4 of the Mamba Pack to release globally tomorrow, March 22nd, and releases to come each week till April 13th, when Kobe will lace up for his final game of the season.