Daniel Nunez, Digital Brand Manager at Nike, Gives Us Our First Look at the KD9


Daniel Nunez, Nke and Jordan Brand’s Digital Brand Manager, has given us our first glimpse at an all white version of the KD9. With the KD 8 Elite still to be released, it’s interesting that we are getting such early looks at Durant’s next signature model.

The only details we can really see on the upper is the return to a mid to high ankle cut. Aside from the pull tab, not much else about the upper is revealed. The tongue construction also looks to be a bit more

The most resounding feature is the articulation in the toe, which we saw to a lesser extent on the KD8 with the articulated Zoom Air bag. The difference here is that the articulation is a deep cut through the depth of the midsole. The packaging is completely black, aside from what looks to be a new marketing tagline “INNOVATION FOR EVERYBODY^” The significance of the “BODY” being highlighted, along with the carrot at the end are mysterious, and could be a theme for all of the upcoming signature basketball models.

Of course, everything is pure speculation for now, however, with rumors from inside of Nike indicating that the KD line will be the signature sneaker to feature the latest performance technology offerings, we can definitely look forward to some crazy new innovations that will help augment Kevin Durant’s performance on the court.

Check out Daniel Nunez’s tweet below, and give us your best guess about the KD9 on Twitter!