Kobe x Air Jordan 3 / 8 Packaging is Amazing.

Marcus Jordan, MJ’s son, gives us the best look yet of this Kobe x Jordan 3/8 pack that doesn’t have a release date or any official release info yet.  The packaging itself looks amazing!  The price point? Not known yet but I bet it will not be cheap.  This box signifies the nod to Kobe however and his number 24, along with his Laker colors on 2 models that Kobe has PEs in. Looking forward to hearing more as info comes in.

air-jordan-kobe-pack-marcus-jordan-4_o3owl9 air-jordan-kobe-pack-marcus-jordan-3_o3owl2 air-jordan-kobe-pack-marcus-jordan-2_o3owkw air-jordan-kobe-pack-marcus-jordan_o3owkp air-jordan-kobe-pack-marcus-jordan_copy_qieejd