12 More Colorways of adidas NMD Set to Drop in 2016

2016 looks to be a very busy year for the adidas NMD Boost runners.  As you can see they have a number of different materials and colors for 2016 which should quench the thirst of those wanting to try these out.  No idea how large of a release they will have per colorway, but hopefully they get some larger releases that the first 2 colorways.  The mystery around these runners remind me of the Nike Sock Darts.  They have not been available to buy after release dates so far, and are not stocked in store to try them on.  I imagine these fit well and are lighter than the Ultra Boost, but really need to see them in person and try them on to see how I fee about them. More info including release dates to come.



adidas-nmd-black-navy adidas-nmd-black-pink-1024x505 adidas-nmd-black-silver-1024x526 adidas-nmd-black-white-blue-1024x539 adidas-nmd-grey-blue-1024x480 adidas-nmd-grey-red-1024x503 adidas-nmd-navy-1024x527 adidas-nmd-red-black-grey-1024x501 adidas-nmd-red-1024x527 adidas-nmd-tan-peach-1024x510 adidas-nmd-white-blue-1024x523 adidas-nmd-yellow-black-3-1024x508

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