Website for Urban Necessities is now LIVE!!!

Being a proud resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the good folks over at Urban Necessities, the undisputed top sneaker consignment shop in Las Vegas.  My relationship with Jaysse Lopez and company started as a spotlight piece for Collectivekicks, but now it’s developed into a friendship and I’m sure a lot of their loyal customer base would say the same thing.

The UN has been working on their website endlessly for months and months, they’ve had their fair share of setbacks and delays in the process.  Well, the wait if FINALLY over, and the UN’s complete sneaker inventory is now available to anybody in the world with access to the internet.  Their prices are very fair, usually 20-30% less than the big boy consignment shops, and they only charge 10% in consignment fees which is unheard of!

Click HERE to check out their site!!! Also, give them a follow on Instagram @urban_necessities and on Twitter @theUNshop!

***The site just went live, so there is a lot of traffic meaning some slow load times.  Be patient people!


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