Janoski or Seeley… Which One Do You Choose?

Sateboarding shoes are very popular; I would assume because they are very comfortable, durable, and stylish. They also come in a variety of designs. But when we take a look at the big brands such as Adidas and Nike, we see some similarities. Let’s compare the Adidas Seeley and the Nike Zoom Air Stefan Janoski (in a black and white colorway).

The profile of both shoes are similar. The Janoskis have a- what I would call- a collar like feature in the back. This creates a cage. The Seeleys do not have the collar but still has the cage feature. The Seeley does have a tab, spells out Seeley, that hangs out off of the cage. It also has a back heel tab. The midsole is the same and both shoes have the same extra toe box rubber. Adidas has their three stripes on both sides and Nike has their swoosh on both sides.

2015-12-03 15.47.12

2015-12-03 13.55.38

The inside of both shoes are the same as the outside.



The toe box of the Janoskis have a stitching that rounds about the area. Seeley does not have that feature. Both shoes have their branding on their tongue; Adidas has the clover like logo and Janoski has his logo.

2015-12-03 14.01.54

2015-12-03 13.52.19

The soles are extremely similar. Both shoes have Herringbone traction with the same spaghetti like features. The Seeley has an extra spaghetti though. The Seeley does feature their logo on the sole.

2015-12-03 15.39.04

2015-12-03 15.07.34


The retail price does vary with the different designs. The range is about $40-$100.

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