Sneaker Community Comes Together To Help Grandma!



This was something that happened over the weekend that I wanted to document and share with you all in case you missed it! The sneaker community came together over the weekend, and helped a grand mother secure a pair of limited edition sneakers that her grand son designed in the Nike x Doernbecher Freestyle 12 collection.


The Background:

Watch this video to see the background story to Isaiah, the child designer of this year’s Nike x Doernbecher Freestyle 12 Janoski ‘Batman’ sneaker:


The Request:

Melissa Neumayer, Isaiah’s mom, reached out to me on twitter and was looking for a size 8 in his shoe for her mom:

I saw this request and looked at her account, all things pointed to this being his real mom, and not a troll account, so I tweeted the following trying to help out!

This request came with mixed emotions from sneaker people, many wanted to help out, others doubted the authenticity of the person and the request.  Most thought, “why doesn’t the grandma have a pair already”, which at some point crossed my mind too. The reality is, Nike provides the Doernbecher Freestyle designers with sneakers for them and the immediate family, which if you really think about it, makes sense. I have over 100 family members in my extended family myself, so you do have to draw the line somewhere.

The other important thing to point out, I do believe that if she reached out to her DB Nike contacts directly that they would have hooked the grandma up, but it would have just taken longer than what was about to transpire.

The other thing to keep in mind, the average person doesn’t know about the limited sneaker hype, and I am assuming they probably thought that they would be able to buy a pair as needed after the release date.


The Help!

Thanks to social media, and the help of those that retweeted my request, a sneaker shop in Dallas @p4pshoes, reached out and said they would help out and get a pair for retail! ($85, which resale is currently over $200) This was amazing to hear!



The Delivery:

The best part of all this? The grandma actually lives about 45 mins from Dallas, and was able to pick up the sneakers from the shop the next day! They snapped a picture for proof for us!


Message From Isaiah:

So finally, if you still had doubt that this was some crazy made up scheme to get some limited edition sneakers, here is undeniable proof that we helped out and made a difference. Here is Isaiah thanking myself @Heskicks and @p4pshoes for helping his grandma out with the sneakers! Really glad we were all able to come together and make this happen!

The sneaker community is a pretty amazing thing! Yesterday Isaiah’s mom (The DB Batman Janoski designer) reached out to see if I can help her track down a pair for his grandma. With the help of you guys, @p4pshoes said they would get her a pair! They linked up in Texas today and she got her pair!! I am proud of you guys for helping out and believing that it was real and not a fake account. A couple things to remember, this was an impromptu request to me, if they went thru Nike to get her a pair I bet it would have happened it just would have taken longer! Nike provides pairs to immediate family usually. Also, the family is likely not used to sneaker culture and might have thought they could buy a pair after the release. At the end of the day I’m thankful for social media and kind hearts of others, today was a win! #collectivekicks #heskicks #nicekicks #kicksonfire #complexkicks #theshoegame #solecollector

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