DeSean Jackson, and the Reason Why You Should Be Flying with Brandblack


It’s been over a year now since my interview with David Raysse, founder and owner of Brandblack. We spoke primarily about the upcoming JCrossover 2, and got a good perspective into the lane that Brandblack wanted to carve out for themselves. Their motto, “A Different Way to Fly” has now become a hashtag (#ADWTF) and that line has continued to ring true now.


With the imminent release of the JCrossover 3, and former Atlanta Hawk (now Clipper) teammate Josh Smith rocking the Force Vector Mesh’s on the basketball court, and the Ethers coming this spring, the brand announced that Washington Redskin’s wide receiver DeSean Jackson will be joining the brand. With David Raysse’s background in basketball sneakers, it’s clear that this is a new territory for the brand, but with how explosive of a player he is on the field, and how unconventional it is to see a player his size come in and break open a game, the partnership between player and brand makes a lot of sense.


The plan for DeSean, according to different social media accounts and write-ups done by, is to be the foray into performance training and cleated shoes. With the ingenuity of the design team, combined with the minimalist patterning and colorblocking, the DJX cleat will hit the turf this Sunday, which will be Desean Jackson’s Season debut against the New Orleans Saints. Safe to say that defenders, and Saints fans alike, will be seeing the blue-bottomed cleats downfield early, and often. The DJX trainer will give Jackson a signature shoe off the field as well.

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Brandblack’s plan to expand distribution nationwide last year was not made known, but partnering with Finishline, as well as their expansion of distribution to other boutiques and retailers throughout the country, ensured that their growth would continue. Greater visibility was the goal, and with their Black and silver colorway of the JC2 close to selling out on their site and on Revolve Clothing, more consumers have seen and liked how Brandblack designs and executes their performance and lifestyle footwear and apparel.


Check out Brandblack’s latest offerings, not only in footwear, but in clothes as well here. And when you buy some of their products, make sure to tag any and all photos you post with #ADWTF.

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