Possible 2015 Li-Ning Way of Wade Colorways???

Here’s a quick look as some possible upcoming colorways and/or samples for the Li-Ning Way of Wade 3 in 2015. *Veterans Day image via shuanghouweiyan.  All other images via nwadey*

1. WoW 3 “Veterans Day” (usually comes in a USA colorway or USA camo print, it appears Li-Ning opted for a traditional camo print this time around).

#wow3 #wayofwade veterans day。 2015 1.01 02 03

A photo posted by @shuanghuoweiyan on

2. WoW 3 (All white sample pair, with red/orange lining and outsole… need these) 

Wayofwade 3 sample A photo posted by 韦蜜 (@nwadey) on

3. WoW 3 (can’t even explain the colorway in words, just take a look for yourself)


A photo posted by 韦蜜 (@nwadey) on

4. WoW 3 “Lei Feng/Screw” (a limited colorway in the WoW 2 looks to be making a return in the 3)

wow3 : Lei Feng A photo posted by 韦蜜 (@nwadey) on

5. WoW 3 “Red Hair” (A mostly all red WoW 3 with a fruity pebble like inner lining)


A photo posted by 韦蜜 (@nwadey) on

6. WoW 3 (teal and volt “dexter” pattern)

Wow3 :blue.DRIP sample A photo posted by 韦蜜 (@nwadey) on

So what’s your favorite out of the bunch? That mostly all white colorway definitely has my attention. There are a few other possible upcoming colorways on nwadey’s instagram (I just posted the ones that stood out ot me the most) please feel free and visit his page if you like. Let us know in the comment section or on Hes’ twitter feed which colorway you have your eyes on! Remember, some of these could release and some of these could just be samples so don’t get too attached!