PJEUNG’s Top 3 Pickups of the Year

IMG_20141223_113248765Well, it appears to be a a running trend on Collectivekicks, as a result I’ve succumbed to the pressure and will briefly talk about my top 3 pickups of the year! (Shoutout to 708ChicagoSole & NJ_McGowan of Collectivekicks for starting this segment!)

#1. The Air Jordan Retro “Slam Dunk” 6

IMG_20141223_112840688This is a comic book I grew up on.  I lived in Korea for 4 years from 1995-1999 when Slam Dunk the comic book was at its peak.  When this collaboration was first announced, the inner comic book nerd in me couldn’t contain himself and was going to do whatever it took to own the Slam Dunk 6.  My favorite sneaker company and my favorite comic book of all time working together?  I never thought I’d see the day.  I actually had to pay resell for these kicks believe it or not, and like our very own Kicksreason, I’m 99.9% of the time #teamretailorbust and sometimes even #teamunderretailorbust.  However, this was a kick, I wasn’t passing on, no matter the cost.  Execution and details on this sneaker is on a different level, and while I don’t consider them a “wearable” sneaker, it’s one that has a lot of sentimental value to me, and is easily a top 3 sneaker in my ENTIRE collection.  It’s definitely #1, as far as my shoeboxes go, that’s for sure =)

#2. Way of Wade 2.0 “Warrior”

IMG_20141223_113009856The haters are going to hate, but I’m a huge Dwyane Wade fan, he’s been my favorite player since MJ retired and although I was a little hesitant early on to try out Li-Ning, I gave it a go anyway, and I don’t regret it for one single second.  The Way of Wade 2.o “Warrior” is my favorite pair of Way of Wades out of the 5 I own and I know a lot of people cringe at this colorway because it is so similar to the Black Cement 3s, but something about the way this model is designed and the way the “Warrior” colors work for this particular silhouette, just stands out to me.  Don’t dare get me started on these materials either, the leather, nubuck, and craftsmanship are on a totally different level than anything I recently purchased from any other sneaker brand.  I love the Black Cement 3s as much as the next guy, but the one thing I think people don’t realize is that you don’t have worry about ugly toe box creasing or paint chipping with these bad boys, these things are tanks!!!

#3. Nikeid Lebron 11s

IMG_20141223_113433603_HDRThis is my first and only Nikeid thus far in my collection.  It meant a lot to me to be able to design my very own Lebron 11 as it is one of the few Lebron models I actually like. (Lebron 8s, Lebron 2s, and Lebron 7s being the others) I actually played around with the colorways a lot, trying different iconic Jordan colorways (BC3s, WC4s, etc), but somehow I ended up settling on this simple White/Black colorway, with hits of gold and red.  That gold lion lace lock just tops the whole sneaker off beautifully in my opinion.  I would have definitely rocked these bad boys by now, but nobody told me my feet would be two times wider than width of the Lebron 11, which basically means I’ve been rocking my ids as my house slippers for the last few months trying to break them in.  It’s been a painful process, but I think within the next few years or so I might be able to wear these things comfortably, fingers crossed!

Well those are my top 3 pickups of the year, stay tuned to Collectivekicks as I’m sure the other writers will also be pressured into doing their Top 3 as well!  We have a pretty diverse group here at CK, so expect the unexpected, there probably won’t be a lot of repeated sneakers and unless Sismiley07 mentions her Royal 1s as a Top 3 pickup (so jealous), I’ll probably enjoy reading the other writers’ Top 3 for the year as much as you guys will!