Top 5 DB Sneakers Models I Want To See For 2015 DB Freestyle 12

So Nike x Doernbecher Children’s Hospital had another successful year of sneaker releases and designs with the DB Freestyle 11 collection that went on sale Sunday November 23rd.  It got me automatically thinking of future sneaker models / silhouettes that they could use for the 2015 DB Freestyle 12 collection or further.  What sneaker models would you want to see in the future, leave a comment!


#5: Nike Air Max 95 DB

Now I do realize we have seen 2 different AM95s in the past DB releases, but seeing what they did with the Halloween AM95, it makes me want to see this model used again, and not with Red, Blue, or White colors.  Granted, its not likely that the Nike designers have control of the colors because it is all about what the kids want!  If they suggest they want these colors, that is what they go with, but it would still be cool to see this model used again in some way.

Previous AM95:

The Nike Air Max 95 by Daniel Bair in 2011

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 8.18.18 PM

Mike Armstrong’s DB Air Max 95 in 2007, then retroed in 2013

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 8.18.08 PM


#4: Nike Air Trainer SC DB

It would be great to see the Bo Jackson Nike Air Trainer SC get some love in the DB space.  One thing I would offer is that they choose the model of the sneaker based on the likes of the child, not beforehand. The Penny DB that dropped this year is great! However it is heavily themed with SF 49ers, which is a football team on a basketball sneaker.  Not sure if anyone really cares about that, but would be cool to see them utilize a football type trainer perhaps for the model based on the kid’s interests.  A Trainer SC would be fun to see as a fan of the model, would be cool to see the designs someone could come up with!

Here is a video of the SC Trainer in the OG colorway I made:


#3 Air Jordan 1 SB DB

I say Air Jordan 1 SB only because they usually include one SB model every year at least, and it would be great to see 2 Jordan models in a release!  Not likely, but would be epic.  The Nike Dunk has been used at least 3 times, this would be my go to model because I personally feel the Nike Dunk is as iconic as the AF1 is to others.  But to try and bring something new to the table, I suggest the Air Jordan 1 SB because of its similarities to the Nike Dunk, it would be like an open familiar canvas that I am sure a kid could make into an incredible artistic piece.

The previously AJ1 SBs were the 2 below that launched in 2014







#2 Nike Lebron 12 DB

It is no secret, Lebron James is many children’s idol. He is a phenomenal athlete and and has an amazing Nike signature line so it would be fitting to see him get a place in the DB lineup!  I talked to Elijah Diggins (who designed the foamposite one DB in 2013) and he said his favorite athlete was Lebron but he was assigned the foamposite model instead of the Lebron 11.  However Mark Dolce helped design the model to look like the Miami Heat flames, which is why we see the cool print on the model! The one caveat I see would be the timing of the models.  Typically the next Lebron model has just been released by time the DB lineup comes around in Nov, lebron has only had 3-5 sneakers released thus far, that would not be enough production time to really make the sneakers happen, so they would have to go with the previous year’s model, thus the reason I said the Lebron 12 not, the 13.  But by this time the Lebron 12 is already out of production.  The catch 22 of a Lebron DB. The only way I can see this happening truly is if it was a retro Lebron model, which would open up the door wide open for a new Lebron model every year.  It might be too early for this, but would be cool to see!

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 8.52.27 PM


#1 Air Jordan 7 DB

And the #1 model that I want to see happen in an DB line up, specifically in 2015 for the Freestyle 12 is the Air Jordan 7 Retro.  The AJ7 DB is a logical choice, since 2015 will be the “year of the 7”, which is, the 23 year anniversary of the Air Jordan 7.  The other thing that really makes sense, its the only model from the Air Jordan 1 through 10 that has not had a DB feature thus far.  We saw the AJ2, AJ1, AJ6, AJ3, AJ4, AJ9, AJ5, AJ10, and the AJ8 most recently, so a DB AJ7 would be the one to fill the gap!  Many people would rather see a DB Air Jordan 11, but I don’t think that will happen quite yet, its way too iconic of a model to have a DB yet, and they only release so many mid tops per year.

So what do you think?  What model do you want to see hit next year’s Nike x Doernbecher Freestyle 12 lineup?  Leave a comment!

– Hes


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