Available Now! My @Finishline Top 5 Black Friday Deals

While the “Door Busters” sale at Finishline turned my head, but didnt draw my attention, some of the weekend sales did!  Below are my top 5 personal choices, if you want to see the full list of Black Friday Weekend sale items you can click here: http://bit.ly/1FsXGp3

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 10.14.47 PM

#5 Men’s Nike Flyknit Air Max Running Shoes

Combining Air Max with Flyknit was a match made in heaven, it is also usually very expensive, these models are both over 50% off retail, and are under $100!  Thats a great price for a high quality sneaker.

Retail: $224.99

SALE PRICE! $97.99

Purchase Here:


lg620469005 lg620469406


#4 Men’s Jordan Melo M10 Basketball Shoes

Available in 3 colorways, these are definitely the most bang for the buck if you want a performance Jordan basketball sneaker! 3 colorways to choose from, all great!

Retail: $164.99

SALE PRICE! $62.99

Purchase Here: http://bit.ly/1FsU5Hs

lg629876105 lg629876053 lg629876013



#3 Men’s Nike Air Max 2014 Running Shoes

While these are last year’s model, and the Air Max 2015 is dropping this weekend also, it is sort of like purchasing a late model car.  There is nothing wrong with the 2014 version, it has premium materials, and it a very expensive running sneaker with full air max.  At this price, you can’t lose!

Retail: $179.99

SALE PRICE! $69.99

Purchase Here:  http://bit.ly/1FsUB8w


#2 Men’s Nike Flyknit Lunar2 Running Shoes

These are less that 1/3rd of retail, you can’t beat that price, and for a performance sneaker blending the best in Nike technology, Flyknit and Lunarlon.  They have 8 different colorways, prices vary!

Retail: $149.99

SALE PRICE! $48.99

Purchase Here: http://bit.ly/1vnnIa6



#1 Men’s Nike Air Raid Basketball Shoes

This is an amazing basketball sneaker that Nike brought back that doesn’t seem to get enough love from new sneaker heads, but I am not ashamed to say that I bought these for full retail on release!  They have 6 different colorways in varying prices, these are the OG colorway, and ironically the best price!

Retail: $124.99

SALE PRICE! $62.99

Purchase Here: http://bit.ly/1vnmMlU