Air Jordan Ultimate Gift of Flight Pack (Pantone 11 + XX9)?

So it is not official yet, but based on these pictures it doesn’t leave much to the imagination.  I already confirmed that the Pantone 11 was dropping, it was rumored months ago, and I knew for sure 100% that this was dropping, I was not aware that it would be bundled with an AJ XX9 model in a double box. The sneakers both look great, but are you wanting to drop $500 for the box set?  I will raise my hand, I am down to do that lol.  I was a fan of the Penny Pack that dropped earlier this year, and although the price point is much higher than I wanted to pay, I did it.  Previously the Jordan Box sets were $350 for the “Golden Moments” pack, and the “Countdown Packs” (CDP) were $310.  So the jump up to $500 is steep, you figure the AJ XX9 retails at $225, and the Pantone should be about $190, that is a total of $415.  Throw in a special box and that adds to the cost, but $85? I am not sure about that, but I do hope they throw in some fun extras to sweeten the deal!  Bottom line is, I want them… most people will want them and the Pantone 11s will resale for $450 alone I bet so I will be happy to get the set for $500 is that is what it actually costs.

IMG_4963 IMG_4962 IMG_4961 10611008_1496590130609138_734763433_n  Air-Jordan-11-PANTONE-22 Air-Jordan-11-PANTONE-32 Air-Jordan-11-PANTONE-42 Air-Jordan-11-PANTONE-52

Air Jordan Ultimate Gift of Flight Pack
December 23, 2014

Source: MN