Black 3M 5LAB3 First Look & Release Info

Here is a first look at the black 3m 5lab3’s which are said to be releasing on May 17th, 2014. Most photo’s that have surfaced have been photoshopped or not real photo’s. This actual real photo that has surfaced looks amazing. They are very similar to the silver 3M pair but with black all over the upper instead of silver. The silver 5lab3’s sold out extremely fast but it seems like this colorway has even more hype around it. The creasing won’t be as noticeable on the all black colorway which will make it that much more popular. I am definitely going to try and get a pair. Is this colorway of the 5lab3’s worth the 225$ price tag to you? Or are you join got be passing on these?

Air Jordan 5LAB3
May 17, 2014

Modern Notoriety