When I saw Reebok planned releases for the 2014, some time last year, I noticed among many other models the Swingman, an Above The Rim model that was released for season 94-95 and worn by many players including A.C. Green, Muggsy Bogues, Sam Cassell, Dennis Scott and others. The shoe was made in a large variety of colorways to be as close as possible to the team colors of the different NBA players that had contract with Reebok at that time. There were a low, mid and high versions made and the materials used were leather and nubuk, the midsole was made out of Purelite, which was a softer PU material and the cushioning was done by Ultra Hexalite in the heel for maximum impact absorption and comfort. Another interesting fact for the Swingman was the heel area, there were two number “88” printed in a digital font, the shoe owners could use a permanent marker to black in their jersey numbers to really make the shoe their own. Another fact was that the midsole/outsole setup and look was shared with the Insta Pump Vertical V.

Now I know there will be at least four colorways released this year, two of which will be the OG Black/White and White/Blue, the other ones are color plus that are pretty wild for my personal taste. I am not entirely sure why Reebok changed some details even on the original colorways, for example on the back pull tab it was written “Above The Rim” as the shoe was part of the Above The Rim line, but on the sample pictures I saw earlier last year, there was nothing there and I really hope Reebok comes to their senses and release the shoe in its true original form, the have been pretty diligent so far with their previous releases to preserve the originality. The release price will be $100, but so far no confirmation on a release date, once we have an information on that, we will let you guys know.


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1995 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, Game 2: Chicago Bulls vs. Charlotte Hornets tumblr_lvtjw8g4dh1qa47iwo1_1280 tumblr_m1905aOooz1qa47iwo1_1280 tumblr_mcbpotpexm1qa47iwo1_1280 1500_muggsy2