Shaqnosis was the name of the next signature shoe Mr. O’Neal received from Reebok in NBA season 95-96, the name came from the Hypnosis pattern on the upper of the sneaker extending down to the midsole and even further to the outsole. Shaq helped designing the shoe and the naming as well, Shaqnosis is arguably one of the best kicks created for the Big Diesel and one of the most comfortable too. The fifth installment of the Shaq’s signature line was one of those designs that was instantly recognizable even from a very far distance and in my humble opinion looked absolutely amazing on feet, similar to the previously released Kamikaze, the upper was predominately made of Black and White colors, but the hypnotic pattern and color combination was something that really made the pair stand out. Another fact from the history ┬áis that Shaqnosis was the last shoe that Shaquille rocked while being a player of the Orlando Magic team, the season of 95-96 was the last in the team and as we all know the next season was the first one in the team of Los Angeles Lakers. The original pair was made with leather and nubuk combination and was released only in one colorway, which Shaq rocked in both home and away games, as he only changed the oval laces from white to black, cushioning was done by Ultra Hexalite in the bottom of the heel area and Hexalite in the lateral heel area, plus Hexalite in the forefoot area. Shaq’s number 32 was absent from the model, but the dunkman logo was placed in the toe area right below the first lace loops, the heel right under the pull tab and the ousole too. Reebok and vector logos were stitched in with silver threads on the tongue and both medial and lateral side of the shoe. There were a few different versions created by Reebok for the different markets around the world, the pairs for the North American market were without the Pump system, but the pairs released in Asia had the Insta Pump midfoot chamber system and again the ones Shaquille was wearing in games were even more different, they were higher cut and featured the Insta Pump system in the heel area, favored by Shaq since Insta Pump Shaq Attaq lll model, he just loved that extra support and fit provided by the heel pump chamber.

Last year in July, nearly 18 years later, Reebok finally decided to retro this amazing model that was in the top 10 list of every Reebok enthusiast, of course I was one of those fans that was patiently waiting for this re-release and I must say the execution was nearly perfect. Reebok proceed to release a lot of different color plus versions of the original Shaqnosis, but they never received the worm welcome from the sneakerheads around the Globe. We all still hope that Reebok will release a reverse Shaqnosis colorway, that everyone was asking for a long time, please Reebok make it happen.

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