In the period of 94 to 96 Shaq had two other less known models created, both were named Shaq Trainer and were suppose to be a Cross-training shoe tailored for the needs of the big man, but in fact Shaquille played many regular NBA games in them. Both pairs were very similar one to another as the earlier version had toned down technology and featured only Ultra Hexalite in the heel area, compared to the second version which had Ultra Hexalite in the heel and Hexalite in the forefoot. Both models had a Lite-Tech neoprene booties and a very interesting system for lacing with straps that were attached to the tongue and were going around the upper and connecting back in the middle, right above the midfoot area. Both models shared similar colorways and materials, predominately Black and White upper with small hints of Insignia Blue, and combination of full grain leather and textured nubuk. The midsole was made of molded EVA and the Reebok Vector logo was placed on the lateral side of the midsole, as on the first pair was close to the heel area and the second edition was right on the middle, the midsole its self was either mostly black or white depending on the colorway. The Shaq Dunkman logo was placed on the back of the shoe, the tongue and the outsole as well, the latest model featured the number 32 on the ousole too. Those two models of course were a little bit different on Shaq’s feet, since both featured the Insta Pump chamber in the heel area as the Diesel always liked that extra support and fit since the Shaq Attaq lll creation. Finding a wearable pair today could be a challenge, but I hope that Reebok will retro those models some time in the near future, I personally will buy them without any hesitation.

SCAN0261 Shaq-trainer-AD-red

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