1994-1995 was probably the best season Shaq had while being an Orlando Magic player, at this very season, and with the absence of Michael Jordan from the Association, Shaq, Penny and company managed to lead the Magic team all the way to the NBA finals, but unfortunately lost the series to the Huston Rockets team. Now I am not entirely sure when exactly the InstaPump Shaq Attaq lV made its first appearance on Shaquille’s feet during that season, but I remember countless games where the Diesel was rocking both home and away colorways to go against so many teams and to end up in the finals. The shoe was very similar to its predecessor the InstaPump Shaq Attaq lll, especially when it comes to incorporated technology and overall silhouette, there were two colorways, the Black/White/Blue/Silver and White/Black/Silver and when we speak about silver, the only silver part was the silver colored vector logo on the side and  the Shaq dunkman logo on the tongue, the rest was dominated by black and white colors. When it comes to technology, the fourth installment was using the same Insta Pump tech, which just like on the Attaq lll, did not have a manual pump at all, but only the nozzle for inflating and deflating the pump chamber. The original shoe was again sold along with two CO2 cartridges and a cartridge holder slash pump dispenser in a bright yellow color, the stand alone CO2 cartridge was sold for $15, but most of the time on sale for around $5. The system allowed the pump chamber to be almost instantly inflated for a maximum fit and support, and just like on the Shaq Attaq lll the chamber, was placed in the heel area. I guess Shaq liked that placement so much that all the rest of Shaq’s signature shoes were outfitted with a heel pump chamber tailored specifically for the big man’s needs. There was an additional Velcro strap with Reebok written on it added above the heel area for a tighter fit around the ankle that the payer was able to strap and adjust. Hexalite was in charge of the heel cushioning and provided additional absorption upon heel strikes as well minimizing the pressure tall on the leg joints and ligaments. Unfortunately Graphlite was not used on Shaq Attaq lV, and in fact on none of the future models made for Shaq, my only guess on why was Graphlite removed, probably has to do with the body weight Shaquille was progressively accumulating with every new season, and of course the way Graphlite was structured and placed back in those days would have not sustain the massive weight load and constant hits. The materials used on both Black and White pair were a high quality full grain leather and nubuk, as the White pair was made predominately by leather and the Black pair, almost entirely by nubuk, instead of separate tongue and inner liner, there was a one peace booties used and on the black pair the front part was blue and visible on several cut outs, also the top of what would have been the tongue was a mesh for better breath-ability. There were rope laces used on both models and the vector logo was only placed on the lateral side of the shoe very close to the heel and the ousole as well, the Shaq Dunkman logo was placed on the heel, tongue and the outsole too.

Now the good news for all the Shaq fans is that actually some time in this year both original colorways will be retro-ed by Reebok, with some color plus editions as well. Shaq was the first to preview this upcoming release some time towards the end of last year over his Instagram account, showing a short video that for just a few seconds allowed us to take gimps on the Attaq lV. As of now, we don’t have too much information on price or date but once more information is available, I will make sure to keep you guys updated.

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