During the 1994 All Star Weekend the next signature model for the Diesel, the Insta Pump Shaq Attaq lll was introduced, only after a half a season for the older Shaq Attaq ll. This new model was so new and different than the previous ones, it had the Reebok’s latest Insta Pump technology,  which in his particular model did not have a manual pump at all, but only the nozzle for inflating and deflating the pump chamber, funny enough very similar to any automobile tire inflation and deflation system. The original shoe was sold along with two CO2 cartridges and a cartridge holder slash pump dispenser in a bright yellow color, the stand alone CO2 cartridge was sold for $5. The system allowed the pump chamber to be almost instantly inflated for a maximum fit and support, in the Shaq Attaq lll the chamber was placed in the heel area and in fact all the rest of Shaq’s signature shoes were outfitted with a heel pump chamber tailored specifically for the big man’s needs. The rest of the technology implemented in the model was the Graphlite in the midsole for support and lowering down the overall weight of the kicks, and Hexalite for cushioning and impact absorption in the under heel area. Another interesting fact for the Hexalite implementation was the actual placement, Reebok started placing the Hexalite on the top of the midsole for better contact and better absorption upon strike, while in the past the Hexalite was placed in the lower part between the outsole and bottom of the midsole.

There were two colorways created the Black/White and White/Black, this time around Reebok kept it simple and did not play with the colors too much, the black pair upper was almost entirely made out of nubuk and the white pair made out of full grain leather, the only other color was blue on the outsole. There was the Shaq logo placed on the tongue which was made out of neoprene and a dunkman on the heel, in addition the Reebok vector logo was small and placed on the lateral side of the shoe. The neoprene tongue and pump chamber was colored similar to Orlando Magic jerseys color with stripes.

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