Back in October of 2013 we had the chance to take a quick look at some of the 2014 Reebok retros, while visiting  the Reebok headquarters Shaq made a short video uploaded on Instagram, promoting one of the Shaqnosis color plus models. Among all the models on the wall behind Shaquille, we were able to recognize a good number of highly anticipated models that were released by Reebok in the early to mid 90’s, The Insta Pump Shaq Attaq lV, Vintage Pump Omni light, Pump OmniZone l, The Answer lll, D-Time and The Blast were some of those. Slowly of that one by one the information on release dates is emerging and now we have the latest on the Blast and the OG D-Time, the first is set to release on August 29th (my birthday, thanks Reebok 🙂 and September 26th. The Blast was a very interesting and alternative design for its time, made famous on court by Nick Van Excel, and of course some other players from that time, the shoe was made in both black and white uppers, as on the right shoe the lateral side was predominately black, on the left shoe was White and the medial side was the opposite, so depending on which side you are looking at the player it appears they are rocking a black or white kicks. The cushioning was done by Ultra Hexalite in the heel and also added in the midside lateral side as well, the upper it self was made by combination of nubuk and leather. There was also another colorway that was almost entirely made by black nubuk with some hints of blue and white, visualizing the whole blast idea on the sneaker.

Personally I am very excited about this release and will definitely buy them, and I really hope Reebok decided to release the D-Time in its original look made out of nubuk and not leather like the previous release a few years a go.

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Source for the release dates  – Retroking87