Preview of Asics 2014 Fall Releases!

The waiting game now begins! After coming off of a big 2013, Asics looks to capitalize on their increased popularity by coming out with a huge collection in the Fall of 2014, and the only way to describe this lineup of sneakers is, “WOW!”  Featuring multiple colorways of each and every popular retro model, from the much-beloved Gel Lyte III, to the soon-to-be-retroed GT-Quick, Asics looks to keep the good time rolling in 2014 with this spectacular collection of sneakers that will have every Asics lover patiently waiting for all these to drop. For me, some of the highlights include the Miami Hurricane colored Gel Lyte IIIs, as well the Wheat/Red Gel Lyte IIIs, and the all-white with hits of pink Gel Saga, which I am going to cautiously call the “Sakuras,” as they remind me of cherry blossoms.

As of now, there is no other info on all these sneakers due to their far off release date, but feel free to comment down below with which sneaker is your favorite in their fall collection. As always, stay with Collective Kicks as we will keep you updated with all of your Asics news!

asics-fall-2014-preview-1 asics-fall-2014-preview-3 asics-fall-2014-preview-4 asics-fall-2014-preview-5 asics-fall-2014-preview-6 asics-fall-2014-preview-7

Source and pics via: Sneaker News