Nike SB Dunk High “Red Packet” (Chinese New Year) Images

These Nike Dunk SBs look amazing! Check out the red suede / leather combo on these, also with gold accents including the gold glitter in the clear soles.  The concept on these are really cool for anyone that knows anything about Chinese New Year and the red packets. More info to come on these!

nike-sb-dunk-high-red-packet-chinese-new-year-7 nike-sb-dunk-high-red-packet-chinese-new-year-6 nike-sb-dunk-high-red-packet-chinese-new-year-5 nike-sb-dunk-high-red-packet-chinese-new-year-4 nike-sb-dunk-high-red-packet-chinese-new-year-3 nike-sb-dunk-high-red-packet-chinese-new-year-8 nike-sb-dunk-high-red-packet-chinese-new-year-2 nike-sb-dunk-high-red-packet-chinese-new-year-1 nike-sb-dunk-high-red-packet-chinese-new-year

Source: kenlu