Nike Lebron 11 (XI) Elite First Look?

This appears to be a first look at the Nike Lebron 11 (XI) Elite model for 2014.  since the Lebron 9, Nike has made an “elite” series of basketball shoes that have been more expensive and is suppose to be more of a performance shoe that the original model, however the price points are usually so high, these models have historically sat on shelves with exception of the miami vice colorway of the Lebron 9.  So will this supposed model be a success?  The elite version of the Lebron 11 doesn’t look much different than its predecessor, more carbon fiber, a lace lock, etc, but what will the price point be?  The Lebron 11 has been $200 to $250 already, can we expect these to be $280? What about an Nike ID Lebron 11 Elite price? $300 maybe? This could be the breaking point for sneakerheads if the prices are too high.  Interested to see these in other colorways, more info to come.

nike-lebron-11-elite-2 nike-lebron-11-elite-1 nike-lebron-11-elite-3

via hupu,