Nike Kobe Prelude VII “London” Release Reminder

The Nike Kobe 7 “London” releases this Saturday.  As excited I am to see these, I have my reservations on how I feel the releases have gone for the Prelude Pack so far.  Impossible to get, limited to say the least.  Between RSVP bots, Early release links for these shoes, and crooked raffles, it has become impossible to purchase any of the Prelude Pack for most people.  These are probably my favorite ones next to the 5s out of the pack.

Sp14_BB_Kobe9_Prelude_Kobe_VII_outsole_12556_26689 Sp14_BB_Kobe9_Prelude_Kobe_VII_PAIR_0025_26688 Sp14_BB_Kobe9_Prelude_Kobe_VII_PROFILE_0196_26686 Sp14_BB_Kobe9_Prelude_Kobe_VII_TOP_0480_26685 Sp14_BB_Kobe9_Prelude_Kobe_VII_UNIQUE_0360_26687

Info By Nike:

Launched originally in 2011, the Nike KOBE VII System maximized performance innovation with a customizable approach – giving athletes support and cushioning options.

Beyond performance benefits, the KOBE VII System tells a predator story that’s inspired by Kobe Bryant’s predator-like instinct on the court. Predator patterns come to life in the shoe’s outer shell as a “skin” simulating the look of three predator patterns mixed together – the Leopard, Great White Shark and Black Mamba.

The Kobe Prelude VII plays on cubist art and Bryant’s 2012 gold victory in London. The graphics, portrayed in a cubist style, have a dynamic composition that features the mamba, Bryant’s No. 10 worn in London, and additonal storytelling elements to form a mural look. On the heel, there is a laurel wreath around the number 10, again in a cubist styling.

The Kobe Prelude Pack features all eight of Bryant’s signature shoes and celebrates the stories behind some of his most defining moments. Eight revolutionary art movements have been paired with eight milestones in Bryant’s career to recreate each of his signature shoes.

Each shoe will be available in limited quantities on (North America, Greater China and Western Europe) and at select retailers in North America and Greater China. The Kobe Prelude VII will be available on Saturday, Jan. 18.

Stay tuned for weekly features on the additional shoes, revealing the inside story tied to the career accomplishment and art movement around each one.