The Nike Flyknit Lunar 2 was officially announced!  Being a fan of the Flyknit Lunar 1, I am excited to see what improvements they have made for the Flyknit Lunar 2.  The Flyknit series has expanded across many different shoes now, it is exciting to see new technologies become effective and embraced.

Nike_Flyknit_Lunar_2_M_Detail1_26858 Nike_Flyknit_Lunar_2_M_Detail2_26855 Nike_Flyknit_Lunar_2_M_Detail3_26857 Nike_Flyknit_Lunar_2_M_Outsole_26854 Nike_Flyknit_Lunar_2_M_Pair_26856 Nike_Flyknit_Lunar_2_M_Profile_26852 Nike_Flyknit_Lunar_2_W_Detail1_26853 Nike_Flyknit_Lunar_2_W_Detail2_26850 Nike_Flyknit_Lunar_2_W_Detail3_26851 Nike_Flyknit_Lunar_2_W_Outsole_26849 Nike_Flyknit_Lunar_2_W_Pair_26848 Nike_Flyknit_Lunar_2_W_Profile_26847

Info below by Nike:

The gossamer strands of a spider’s silk are stronger than steel. A similar lightweight strength and intricacy combine together in Nike Flyknit technology, and today the Flyknit revolution continues with the release of Nike Flyknit Lunar2 available on with NIKEiD. The update follows a successful release of last year’s Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ that wowed runners by providing unprecedented strength and support in such a lightweight shoe.

The magic of the Flyknit Lunar2 comes through pairing the powerful and ultra light Nike Flyknit upper with the super soft and responsive Nike Lunarlon cushioning.

“The Flyknit Lunar2 brings two of our best innovations and technologies together in one package,” says Rob Dolan, Senior Design Director, Nike Running. “You get the responsive, fluid ride of Lunarlon cushioning with this amazing, light but supportive upper through Flyknit. Those two things together are a magical combination.”

The micro-engineered Nike Flyknit upper provides support, stretch and ventilation where needed most. Nike Flyknit construction also eliminates the need for the multiple materials and material cuts used in the uppers of traditional sport footwear manufacturing, providing a virtually seamless upper and helping reduce waste. To further boost support, Flywire cables are integrated into the upper to cradle the foot and provide a supportive lockdown.

After the success of the Flyknit Lunar1+, Nike designers engineered more stretch into the Nike Flyknit Lunar2 upper for a better fit, and attached the tongue to keep it in place. On the outsole, pressure map data helped inform a new pattern that more closely matches how the foot naturally moves through stride. Designers applied these learnings to Lunarlon foam to enhance the cushioning properties and deliver greater flexibility. The result is an even more natural stride and fluid ride, a lightweight neutral shoe built for runners from elite to beginner.

The Nike Flyknit Lunar2 debuted in the film “Light. Strong. Nike Flyknit” today and is now available to be customized with NIKEiD at  The men’s volt/white-blue glow and women’s atomic orange/white-purple colorways will be available for purchase at and at select retailers beginning Feb. 6.