Girl Bullied Over Having Old Jordan Sneakers Beats Up The Bully

The girl in this video is clearly being made fun and bullied by everyone around her.  She is being made fun of for having “old jordans” meanwhile one girls brags about how much money her new KDs cost (which if she truly paid more than retail on those KDs then she definitely doesn’t know much about sneakers).  The bullied girl however had enough as you can see and ends up beating up the bully!  On a side note this video looks staged a bit, but regardless of that, this type of harassment happens all the time to people.  Just because someone doesn’t have the newest clothes or sneakers DOES NOT give you the right to put them down.  It is a shame that some people feel the need to belittle others because they don’t have material investments.

I am glad the girl being made fun of stood up for herself in this video, and if I knew who she was, I would personally lace her up with a new pair of Jordans.  If anyone does track her down, hit me up on twitter @heskicks