Drake’s Air Jordan “OVO” Collection AJ10 + AJ12 Collection (Official Images)


OVO (October’s Very Own) gave us an official look at all 4 of Drakes exclusive Jordans: Black Air Jordan 10, White Air Jordan 10, Black Air Jordan 12 and White Air Jordan 12.  Some called them the “Stingray” because of the material.  These shoes look very nice and very high quality.  If you noticed, the AJ12 has clear soles inlaid in the middle of the sole, very cool and not a typical look on this.  Drake wore these shoes on his tour, half way through the show he ended up changing from an all black outfit to an all white outfit so it was fitting that the shoes were all black or all white.

No word if we will actually see a public release of these 4 different Air Jordan Models. Which do you like the best?

white10sole copy white10reverseside copy white10 copy black10top copy black10reverseside copy black10 copy white12-copy white12side-copy white12sole-copy black12top-copy black12side-copy black12-copy



Source: OVO