Billionaire Boys Club Release Some New Clothing!

Just recently, BBCIceCream decided to release a few clothing items that are very appealing to the eye. Billionaire Boys Club collaborated with Kagan and they released some very interesting crew necks. The crew necks consist of an outer space theme with exploration, lift off, and how space can be perceived from Earth. The crew necks have a  modernistic art feel to them and I can see them being a top seller. BBC also released a black coat that is necessary in these cold months, although the coat is expensive. The last item is my personal favorite, which is a navy blue windbreaker jacket with a spots across the whole jacket.

Windbrekaer : $95.00

Coat : $455.00

Crew Necks : $85.00

bbc-wabash-windbreaker-jacket-b0013x322 b;acl-n3b-coat-bb13x104 bbc-michael-kagan-exploration-crewneck-12013008 bbc-michael-kagan-lift-off-crewneck-12013009 bbc-michael-kagan-reflection-crewneck-12013010

Source: BBC