BAIT x Asics BASICS Program Gel Lyte III “Guardian” Images and Release Date!

So much for sequels not living up to their predecessor! Coming off the heels of the highly touted and coveted “Vanquish” Gel Lyte III, BAIT has finally released official images of the second of their three part collaboration with Asics, which has been dubbed the “Guardian” Gel Lyte III. Using the same basic color scheme and design of the Vanquish Gel Lyte III, the Guardian take the materials and colors used in the first model and flips them around to create a similar, but very different looking sneaker. Using a silver metallic mesh over a grey camouflage print as the main material for the upper and tongue, a olive green suede for the eyestay, heel and toe cap, and black suede for the Asics branding, the Guardian takes the traditional camo print with a couple hits of that metallic mesh used for the Vanquish and creates a look that would be considered in my opinion more country/hunting type camo than the traditional army camo we usually see on shoes. The Guardian though does feature some new materials and patterns, however, with the adding of 3M hits in between the Asics branding and on the heel of the shoe, orange eyelets and outsole, and a black speckled midsole, which helps complete that country camo/hunting camo look.

Releasing in-store on January 25th, the Guardian will be priced at $150. As an added bonus as well, every pair bought from BAIT, both in-store and online, will come with BAIT dog tags as a hang tag for the shoes. To try and purchase online however, you must first create a profile, then sign up on this registration form to enter the raffle to get a chance at these! Winners for the raffle will get emails on Wednesday the 22nd with a personal link to by them, so good luck to anyone entering to win them! Stay with Collective Kicks for all upcoming news on BAIT and for exclusive details on Bait’s future collaborations, you can check out my previous article here with Bait’s marketing director, Eric!

bait-x-asics-gel-lyte-iii-basics-model-002-guardian-1 bait-x-asics-gel-lyte-iii-basics-model-002-guardian-2 bait-x-asics-gel-lyte-iii-basics-model-002-guardian-3 bait-x-asics-gel-lyte-iii-basics-model-002-guardian-4

Source and pics via: Bait and Hypebeast