Air Jordan 11 “Legend Blue” vs “Columbia Blue” Holiday 2014 Thoughts

So we are hearing rumor that the 2014 Air Jordan Holiday release will be “Legend Blue” and not the anticipated “Columbia Blue”.  But what exactly does this mean?  Does that mean no “Columbia” AJ11?  To answer your question, yes and no. Legend Blue will be considered the new Columbia Blue.  I have hear there is no Columbia Blue going forward due to legal issue possibly.  Same reason we don’t hear the name “Carolina Blue” anymore.  Also if you recall, this year is the first we have heard of the name “Infrared 23”.  There is a good possibility that this is because they needed to create there own color of “Infrared” and having it be a JB color they can reference and use going forward.

Many times we focus on the name of the shoe, sometimes its name we reference is the color.  However we don’t think about the fact that these colors may not be exactly the same as they once were, (who knew they would ever retro?) and new “official” colors may be created going forward to create a standard that we didn’t once have.

If you look up Legend Blue, it is pretty much the same color as Columbia Blue, thus, this year’s holiday release will still be a “Columbia 11” but due to updating the times, the actual color will be known as Legend Blue.  This is almost as confusing as the Call of Duty games being created from 2 different companies (Infinity Ward & Treyarch).  Either way, as images surface, you will see what I mean.


12/2014 Air Jordan 11 Retro
White/Black-Legend Blue

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