The Ultimate Hypebeast Collaboration? Foamposite x “Supreme”

We are seeing some initial images of some Supreme foamposites, these have been rumored for awhile now.  Is this the ultimate hypebeast collaboration?  Everyone has had a negative viewpoint of most of the printed foamposites (with exception of the DB foams, paranormans, and galaxy foams) but what about when it has a major label associated with them like Supreme?  Now I know there are some people I can see loving these sneakers legitimately and I have no problem with that, but how many people are instantly thinking “cop to sell”… honestly?

More info to come, I have heard they may have 3 different pairs, but we shall see, more info to come.

supreme-nike-foamposite-one- Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 5.27.31 PM

Image sole-up/image_ny