**UPDATE – This was in fact confirmed by @footlocker’s twitter account were they tweeted out the following.

“UPDATE: The Red Nike Air Yeezy 2 will be available ONLINE ONLY on December 27th at 8am EST.”


Straight from the footlocker release calendar (and all over twitter), it seems that December 27th is the date that may just go down in history as the beginning to one of the most hyped weekend of all time. The Yezzy 2 Red Octobers will be releasing one day before the Air Jordan 1 “Bred” on December the 27th. Go buy your tents right now, forget Christmas and grandma’s Christmas dinner. Get ready to flip those Christmas gifts for Yeezy cash, let the hype begin everybody, (and hopefully forget everything else dropping around that day so the rest of us can be part of the come up). Good luck to those who will be attempting to cop a pair and thank you to everybody who will be selling off their collection for a pair. Send all size 13s my way :).

One word of caution however. As seen in the picture below the color is “Red October”. Which is not your typical color guide from Nike, so there is some question as to how legitimate this is. However do not let be the one to kill the hype… hype along people, hype along.

Nike Air YeezY 2: Red October

December 27th, 2013

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Via: Footlocker / Twitter