Supra Skytop 4 “Red” Colorway First Look

No one say it. Ok ill say it….. RED OCTOBER SUPRA SKYTOP 4.  Well, its not a Yeezy 2 Red October, but it looks like Supra will be dropping a “Red” version of the Skytop 4, pretty cool colorway and nice to see some red suede on these.  More info to come!

supra-skytop-4-red-04 supra-skytop-4-red-09 supra-skytop-4-red-08 supra-skytop-4-red-06 supra-skytop-4-red-05 supra-skytop-4-red-07 supra-skytop-4-red-02 supra-skytop-4-red-03



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