Has the Stefan Janoski Taken the Crown of Flagship Sneaker for Nike SB?

Has the tide finally turned? Ever since the Nike SB brand was created back in the early 2000s, the Dunk, in both the Low and High forms, has been the ruler of the land and been the signature model of the SB brand. but as we head into 2014, Dunks are becoming less and less popular among the new generation, while the Stefan Janoski has become more and more popular. Just walking around LA the other day, I noticed that almost every guy wasn’t wearing Dunks or even Vans, but rather everyone seemed to have on a pair of Janoskis. So that had me thinking, have Janoski really taken for the Dunk as the premier shoe for the Nike SB brand, or does it just seem that way?


There are two main ways to think about this question with one side being the design side, and the other side being the business side. Let’s first tackle the business aspect as it is the easiest to deal with. Simply put, the Janoski is the real money make for the SB brand. There is no argument here to be made by any Dunkhead, (which I am proud to say I am), as it is just a factual statement that the Janoski, despite being made by a relatively obscure skateboarder that only hardcore skate fans know about, is THE most popular skate shoe in the world. Just walk around any big city on the West Coast and I promise you that now-a-days, that majority of guys 13-25 are wearing Janos. Whether one has any knowledge of business tactics or not, it is plain to see that while the Dunk may have a hardcore following, teens and kids are gravitating more and more towards the Janoskis over the Kostons, Dunks, Project BAs, or any other SB model. Even more interestingly, people rocking Janoskis are now starting to rival Vans wearers, especially here in LA, something that even at the height of Dunkmania, never came close to happening. So from a business standpoint, the Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski is the king of the whole SB line, no ifs, ands, or buts.


So what about the design aspect of both shoes? This is difficult question to answer as the Stefan Janoski is a much younger shoe than the Dunk, however (and I will admit this may be a bit biased) from a design standpoint, the Dunk is, and will always be, the ruler. Now Janoski fans at this point may start to cite all the upcoming technological improvements that Janoski will have with there being a new Free Run/Air Max Janoski releasing soon (store soon to be written) and the Lunar Jano also releasing in a few months (again, story will be coming shortly on this also), but the fact still remains, in terms of customization and creatability, the Dunk is far superior. All one has to do is look at the seemingly endless amount of Dunks released in just the past few months to understand what I mean. While I will give the Jano credit for being able to display cool prints, such as the Floral and Wino Janoskis, the Dunk is still the most versatile canvas in the whole sneaker world, with the ability to feature almost any material, print, or design one can think of. From the SPOTs earlier in the year, to the Ugly Sweaters just recently, the Dunk has time and time again been proven to be a blank canvas that, when one wants to make a premium collab, is the obvious sneaker to go with.


So with all the said, what do you think? Has the Janoski toppled the mighty Dunk? Or is the Dunk still the best SB around? Feel free to comment and discuss below!

Source and pics via: Highsnobility, Sneaker News, Hypebeast