Rick Owens for adidas 2014 Spring/Summer Footwear Collection

I can say confidently that I 100% do not understand high end fashion.  Part of the reason I just cannot understand this shoe.  It looks like a rabbit.  And for a price point of about $600 bucks or more?  Nah.  I wonder if Yeezy will be right at home with the Yeezi 3 or whatever he is calling it lol.  Time will tell!


rick-owens-for-adidas-2014-springsummer-footwear-collection-5 rick-owens-for-adidas-2014-springsummer-footwear-collection-6 rick-owens-for-adidas-2014-springsummer-footwear-collection-8 rick-owens-for-adidas-2014-springsummer-footwear-collection-3 rick-owens-for-adidas-2014-springsummer-footwear-collection-2 rick-owens-for-adidas-2014-springsummer-footwear-collection-7 rick-owens-for-adidas-2014-springsummer-footwear-collection-1


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