Several months back we were able to take a short glimpse of some of the models Reebok are preparing for us in the new 2014 year. Among all of the models I was able to recognize the Pump Dual, Pump Graphlile, Pump Omni Lite and the Pump Aerobics Lite. Few weeks a go we already posted some more information and pictures of the Pump Omni Lite vintage, which will be sold in Japan starting January the 10th at Atmos, according to the site 43einhalb, the Omni Lite will be released on January the 13th in Europe as well and I am really expecting it to be released in the States shortly after that too. Now we have some more images from the other three models in the Vintage pack.

To be honest, other than the Omni Lite, I am more excited about the release of the Pump Graphlite, an iconic running shoe that was first to incorporate all the technology Reebok had back in the early 90’s, the Pump – for maximum fit comfort, Graphlite – for lightweight and support and Hexalite – for heel cushioning and impact absorption.

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Source – 43einhalb