Still in his rookie season the second signature sneaker for Shaq were in the works, the fall of 1993 was when Shaq Attaq ll was released. The shoe was ready for Shaq and his second season in the NBA, but when released it had a lot of people wondering why Reebok went the opposite way and made a simple sneaker with not a lot of technology implemented. Interesting enough, I was one of those people too back in a day, yes the price tag at $100 was lower and more appealing to every one, that is $25 lower than the first Attaq, but there was no Pump and back in 93 you just had to have Pump on your Reebok’s, that is what made the brand so unique. There were two colorways representing Orlando Magic, the White/Black/Blue and the Black/Blue one, the shoe was lower than its predecessor and only had Graphlite used to really bring down the overall weight down to the minimum possible. The upper of the Black and Blu pair was almost completely made out of nubuk and the White/Black/Blue pair was almost completely made out of leather with a minor nubuk overlays on both lateral and medial sides. The design was very different and drastically changed compared to the first signature, the vector logo was small and placed on the lateral side only near the front of the shoe similar to the Kamikaze ll’s, the number 32 was stretched in on the heel area and placed on the insole as well. Right above the one on the heel there was Shaq’s logo placed on a soft plastic┬ástrap locking down the Achilles area, a large dunkman logo was stitched on the tongue leather as well, the ousole had both Reebok with the vector logo and a bigger Reebok on the forefoot area.

The life of the Shaq Attaq ll was very short, Shaquille used it for half of the season till during the All Star Weekend, when the next model the Shaq Attaq lll was introduced. For its short lifespan the Attaq ll had its moments, Shaq broke one of the backboard’s at his home arena wearing a pair of ll’s in 93. I personally like the model, and I really wish Reebok will retro it some day, I will definitely prefer that, than all the color plus versions of the Shaq Attaq l, they are trying so hard to push out there with not a lot of success.

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